/wrists and Base Jumping

The secret world is a big game. It’s made larger by not being shy about placing droves of baddies between you and where you need to go. It’s made even larger by load-lag in highly populated zones and a world hub that isn’t exactly adventure intuitive. More than once I’ve had my card pulled from the LFG tool to be magically whisked away to Polaris or Hell Raised, only to be dumped outside of it’s zone-in point a million miles from the mission I was running beforehand. That is how I discovered  /wrists.

The actual command is /reset but the purpose remains the same. Your body falls limp to the floor as you’re prompted to select an Anima well to return to. You select the one that is closest to where you’re trying to go, and once it loads you, just res at the well. Bam!  Used correctly you can fast travel to mission hubs, specific vendors, instance and zone entrances. There’s a few things I should note here: First, only the Anima wells you’ve unlocked will be available. Second, death does incur a small durability hit each time, so if you’re /wrist-ing all over the place you’ll eventually need to repair your equipment. This cost should be negligible though, so long as you’re missioning or selling drops or generating any amount of Pax. A friend brought up the argument that killing ones self should not be a method of fast travel, as it detracts from the realism of the game. This argument was quickly dissolved as I reminded him of LITERALLY EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF THE GAME. /wrists is the way to fast travel, and FunCom has made it extremely effective and worthwhile.

But there’s no Anima Wells in Agartha!!  Enter Base Jumping.

Two things many players both new and old don’t take into account for Agartha is that you don’t HAVE to take the fast travel gates, and if you fall off the path you will be reloaded at the top of Agartha once you pass the lowest branch. I took this fact and shifted my thinking of Agartha 90 degrees. Thinking of Agartha in a vertical sense, I eventually found spots from which I could jump off one branch and land on a lower one. As an example, I used to hate getting to the City of the Sun God after loading into Agartha. It’s some 10 travel gates on two different levels and every gate turns off your sprint. But! Now I simply run to the first portal (to Kingsmouth), turn on sprint, and run directly away from the portal. a few seconds and a short drop later I’m standing on the branch between The City of the Sun God and the Scorched Desert.

Similarly, once you unlock the elite dungeon branch you can base jump from the corner of the Polaris (elite) platform and land [Hopefully] right by the entrance to the Besieged Farmlands on the bottom branch. To be honest that one is an awkward spot at an awkward angle and it’s not uncommon to fall right past the branch, but you don’t die! It just reloads you back at the start and you try again.

These two methods of faster travel have really helped me zip around and get done faster what I’m trying to get done. If anyone has any other tips I’d love to hear them in the comments!


4 thoughts on “/wrists and Base Jumping

  1. It’s not the realism, it’s the natural flow of discovery. Within 50 meters of each mission end, there is always another mission starter. Before you reset, you can unequip all your gear to avoid damage.


  2. Just wanted to say that in the french game client, the /reset command is /libérer, which translate to /release, as in release anima form. So yeah, you’re not suiciding to travel, you’re using your anima form.


  3. it’s easy to get to the transylvania branch from the agartha entrance too. if you’re facing the seoul portal, head along the wall as far to the right as you can go, then walk (turn off sprint or you’ll overshoot) over the edge.


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